Monday , May 29 2017

Telmediq Adds NFC For Healthcare Task Automation

Telmediq NFC Tags

Telmediq, a provider of healthcare communications tech, has added NFC tags to help with administrative workflows. The new NFC healthcare tags have been designed to integrate into Telmediq’s Healthcare Communications Hub. The aim is to streamline common day to day tasks such as requesting a patient transfer or restocking water. …

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NFC Tags Added To Gin Bottles

NFC Tags Added To Kalevala Gin

Finnish gin and vodka distiller Northern Lights Spirits has started to distribute it’s premium Kalevala Gin bottles with integrated NFC tags. The NFC tags have been supplied by Thin Film Electronics. Attached to each bottle, they can be scanned with consumer mobile phones to provide unique marketing and product information. …

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NFC Logo – Which Options For Your NFC Application ?


There’s always been a bit of confusion about choosing which NFC logo or NFC icon. So let’s help clear things up. The Official NFC Logo Well, technically, there isn’t one. Unlike Bluetooth, which is a much more controlled environment, ‘NFC enabled’ products can be placed on the market without complying to …

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Smart Packaging Market To Reach USD 26.7 Billion By 2024


In a report out today by Grand View Research, the global smart packaging market is expected to reach 26.7 billion US dollars by 2024. They comment that the fastest growing sector is projected to be NFC. NFC in intelligent or smart packaging is predicted to increase at a compound annual …

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Using NFC Tags to Pair Bluetooth Phones to Devices

1. Download the NFC TagWriter app from NXP. A great app free to download from Google Play. 2. Turn on Bluetooth and pair your NFC phone to the Bluetooth device. In this example we are using a Bluetooth headset however other common examples include speakers, cameras, mobile phones and printers. …

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Does NFC Marketing Miss Apple ?

Apple and Android

NFC Marketing is on hold. That’s the general opinion of most industry watchers. Let’s consider whether the argument is justified. NFC Marketing Campaigns It’s often been said that the real benefit of running and NFC marketing campaign at the moment is more from getting the PR associated with running it rather …

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Graphene Enables Fully Flexible NFC Antennas

Credit: Image courtesy of Graphene Flagship

According a report out today by Graphene Flagship, a public research institution in Italy, the CNR-ISOF, has shown that it’s possible to use graphene to produce fully flexible NFC antennas. The potential use cases for such technology range from wearables to smart packaging. All with the the significant added benefits of …

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NFC Tag Scan Distance Explained

It’s a typical problem. An NFC tag is integrated into a product or behind a piece of advertising material and now the tag can’t be scanned. The reason is simple. The tags scan distance isn’t good enough. So how do you maximise scan distance ? There’s a number of factors …

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Which NFC Chip ?

The NFC Chip At the heart of every NFC tag, sticker or product is an NFC ‘chip’ or ‘IC’ (integrated circuit). These tiny electronic devices store your information and control how it can be accessed. NFC IC Types Different NFC chips have different sizes of memory and different memory configurations. …

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