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NFC Advice

Advice and guidance on choosing and buying NFC tags for your project or application. Includes information about NFC logos, chips, tag construction and memory requirements.

nfc tags

NFC Tags

A getting started guide on NFC tags. Find out the basics on how they work, how to use them, why use them and where to buy them. If you are new to NFC, this is the place to start.

nfc enabled phones

NFC enabled phones

A list of the latest NFC enabled mobile phones, including iPhones and Android phones.

buy nfc tags

Buying NFC Tags

Step by step advice on what to look for when buying NFC tags for your project.

which nfc tag

Which NFC Tag ?

Information and advice regarding the differences between NFC tags. Find which one will work best for you.

nfc forum logo

NFC Logos

Advice and information on which NFC logos are available and which ones you should choose for your application.

NFC Tag Scan Distance

NFC Tag Scan Distance

NFC Tag scan distances explained. Why some tags have a better scan distance performance than others. How to choose an NFC tag with the best scan distance.

Which NFC Chip

Which NFC Chip ?

At the heart of every NFC tag there is an NFC microchip. The NFC.Today NFC chip guide will help you understand which NFC chip you need and why.