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NFC Tags Glossary

NFC Terms Getting started with NFC tags isn't difficult. For the vast majority of users who want to implement NFC tags into a marketing, identification...

How To Encode NFC Tags

This is a step by step tutorial to help you encode your first NFC tags with an Android phone. NFC Tag encoding options There are really...

Latest NFC News

Moooi secures designer furniture with NFC authentication tags

International designer furniture and furnishings brand Moooi have launched 'The Button', an NFC powered authentication device. The button device uses the latest NFC tag authentication...

Must Read Articles

NTAG213 vs. MIFARE Ultralight EV1

These are two chips from two different NXP chip families - MIFARE® and NTAG®. The MIFARE range is targeted towards event ticketing, transport ticketing...

MIFARE Ultralight EV1





NTAG203 vs. NTAG213

Top 10 Uses For NFC Tags