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Latest NFC News

image of L'Oréal's NFC UV sensor

L'Oréal designs wearable NFC enabled UV sensor

L'Oréal has displayed it's latest NFC enabled wearable UV monitor at CES® LAS VEGAS.

image of nfc fridge magnet

Tap For Tequila NFC Fridge Magnet

Now getting restock supplies of your favourite tequila is as simple as tapping your mobile on a fridge magnet.

image of DROPMIX NFC enabled game

Hasbro Music Game Launches With NFC

Hasbro, NXP and Harmonix have teamed up to launch DROPMIX, an NFC playing card enabled music mixing game.

image of Smartrac's new tamper loop circus NFC Tag

Smartrac Launch Tamper-proof NFC Tag

Smartrac have launched a 'digital seal' tamper-proof tamper loop version of their circus NFC tag designed to prevent packaging tampering.

Kelloggs NFC Tags

Kellogg's adds Nintendo NFC tags to cereal boxes

Kellogg's has added Nintendo Super Mario NFC tags to cereal boxes to 'make breakfast a playful experience'

Kilchoman whisky adds NFC for marketing

Scottish whisky producer Kilchoman has added NFC tags to their bottles to enhance brand and increase consumer engagement.

PengWine adds NFC to wine bottles

Chilean winemaker aims to get people interacting while they are drinking.

Thinfilm & GlaxoSmithKline Introduce NFC Smart Shelves

Interactive Smart shelves aim to educate consumers and drive purchasing decisions.

Thyngs Powers Cashless Donations For NHS Charity

NFC smart poster technology to allow quick and easy donations.

Valmont Cosmetics Adds NFC To Beauty Product Packaging

Swiss cosmetics brand to provide a tap to discover more link on it's beauty product boxes.

Spanish Winemaker Adds 126,000 NFC Tags

200 year old Spanish winemaker Barbadillo leads the way with the NFC marketing. We'll drink to that.

Apple Enables iPhone NFC Tag Scanning

Apple have announced that there will be a Core NFC function built into iOS 11. This will allow NFC tag scanning on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. NFC tag scanning will also be enabled on watchOS 4 which will allow the Apple Watch to scan NFC tags.

NXP Launches New NTAG Chips

NFC chip manufacturer NXP have launched two new chips aimed at the making NFC authentication easier.

Telmediq Adds NFC For Healthcare Task Automation

The provider of healthcare communications tech has added NFC tags to help with administrative workflows.

NFC Tags Added To Gin Bottles

Finnish gin and vodka distiller Northern Lights Spirits has started to distribute it's premium Kalevala Gin bottles with integrated NFC tags.

Smart Packaging Market To Reach USD 26.7 Billion By 2024

In a report by Grand View Research, the global smart packaging market is expected to reach 26.7 billion US dollars by 2024.

Graphene Enables Fully Flexible NFC Antennas

Graphene Flagship, a public research institution in Italy has shown that it's possible to use graphene to produce fully flexible NFC antennas.

Securing Italian Olive Oil With NFC

Italian Olive Oil brands based in Tuscany have started using Thinfilm's NFC SpeedTap NFC tags to enable product authentication and build customer engagement.

NXP Sells to Qualcomm in US$47bn Deal

Qualcomm, one of the world's leading microchip manufacturers is buying NXP, a leading player in connectivity technologies and arguably the leading tech company within the NFC space.

Malibu adds NFC tags to 40,000 bottles

Malibu, a coconut flavoured rum drink, is adding NFC tags directly to it's bottles for a marketing trial during September.

NFC Marketing Brewing in the Craft Beer Marketplace

Californian beer marketplace Hopsy has teamed up with Thinfilm, the printed tech and smart systems company, to add NFC marketing to their beer labels.