Hasbro Music Game Launches With NFC


Hasbro have joined with NXP, the NFC chip manufacturer and Harmonix Music Systems to launch the DROPMIX™ music-mixing game. The game uses NFC enabled playing cards to interact with a game board. The game board itself is connected to mobile phone users via a free App.

“As a co-inventor and market leader for NFC technology, NXP is the clear partner of choice for Hasbro to incorporate NFC technology into our products to deliver innovative and interactive experiences such as demonstrated in our DROPMIX Game,” said Brian Chapman, Head of Design and Development at Hasbro.

The cards themselves are developed with Paragon ID using a manufacturing technique developed with NXP. With an integrated NFC chip, the cards are placed on the electronic DROPMIX board and a part of a song immediately starts playing. The board can read up to five of the cards at a time and the software within an accompanying App starts creates a unique mix.

DROPMIX features some of the biggest tunes from Dance, Rock, R&B and more. The aim is that players can join these tunes and create mixes in unexpected ways. NFC is used to make sure that the cards and game board work easily, quickly and reliably.

“This new NFC use case reinforces NXP’s ambition to bring NFC everywhere. We see NFC going beyond familiar applications like smartphones and smart cards to areas like consumer engagement in smart toys, smart clothing, smart packages and more,” said Rafael Sotomayor, senior vice president and general manager of the Secure Transactions and Identification business at NXP. “NXP’s NFC reader and tag IC expertise, deep application knowledge and ability to simplify integration for developers make it easy for entertainment businesses, manufacturers or service professionals to bring people a secure, intuitive, ‘tap-to-connect’ interaction in our increasingly connected world.”