NFC Marketing Brewing in the Craft Beer Marketplace

Californian beer marketplace Hopsy has teamed up with Thinfilm, the printed tech and smart systems company, to add NFC marketing to their beer labels.

Hopsy provides a service connecting craft beer drinkers with local breweries. The idea is that the Thinfilm's NFC OpenSens NFC tags will be integrated directly into the beer packaging or label. The drinker can tap the tags to connect with the product and access contextual content about the beer. Furthermore. the tags are clever enough to know if the bottle has been opened or not.

Hopsy's co-founder and CEO, Sebastien Tron commented, "Craft beer is not just about beer, it’s also about authenticity and craftsmanship. We believe Thinfilm’s technology gives our partner breweries a powerful tool to connect with their customers beyond the brewery."

Differentiation With NFC Marketing

The craft beer market is growing rapidly. The ability of 'niche' smaller brands to compete against the larger breweries is all important. Consequently, Hopsy's use of NFC Tags allows the micro-breweries to engage and connect directly with drinkers.

Davor Sutija, CEO of Thinfilm added, "Niche businesses and novel brands often find it very difficult to compete with larger, more established companies. They need solutions that differentiate their products and help them connect with customers."

While every current major smartphone contains NFC technology unfortunately Apple have yet to allow the iPhone to scan NFC tags. As Hopsy are based in California where roughly 40% of the market belongs to Apple, there may be a large number of users who cannot scan the tags. However, as NFC.Today have looked at before, it's not always correct to look at the bare numbers. Different market segments tend to have different mobile phone usage patterns therefore the slightly 'inaccessible' nature of tag scanning might just work in the craft beer market.

Let's just hope that customers scan the tags before they start drinking !