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NFC Tags Added To Gin Bottles

Finnish gin and vodka distiller Northern Lights Spirits has started to distribute it's premium Kalevala Gin bottles with integrated NFC tags.

The NFC tags have been supplied by Thin Film Electronics. Attached to each bottle, they can be scanned with consumer mobile phones to provide unique marketing and product information.

Moritz Wüstenberg, managing director of Northern Lights Spirits, commented, "We've spent years creating what we believe to be one of the finest gins in the world.  Sharing that unique Kalevala story with gin enthusiasts is very important to us. Thinfilm's NFC solutions ... will contribute significantly to consumer loyalty and the overall popularity of Kalevala Gin."

NFC Authentication

Thinfilm's NFC SpeedTap technology is a cloud based system.  Alongside being able to offer unique content to consumers also allows an element of authentication. The tags are difficult to clone providing some protection against counterfeit production.

Kalevala Gin is sold throughout the UK, Spain, Denmark, Germany, Austria and Canada.

NFC Marketing

The project is a good illustration of the power of using NFC to enhance consumer loyalty and increase interaction. A recent report into the smart packaging market indicated substantial growth. However, the costs and complexity of adding NFC tags to products means it's unlikely we will see NFC appearing any time soon on mainstream brands. However, for niche, high end products such as wine and spirits, the benefits can often outweigh the costs.