Securing Italian Olive Oil With NFC

Italian Olive Oil brands based in Tuscany have started using Thinfilm's NFC SpeedTap NFC tags to enable product authentication and build customer engagement.

The NFC tags will be integrated into the packaging and will use the iOlive app. The aim is to try and prevent fraudulent copies of the product and provide confidence directly in the hands of the user.

Additionally, by encouraging the customer to interact with the product, the producers present an opportunity to engage further.

"The olive oil industry is very similar to the wine industry in that each has a rich heritage that is centuries old," said Pietro Barachini, the founder of iOlive and a professional olive oil taster. "I'm very excited about using Thinfilm’s SpeedTap technology to take it to the next level."

The momentum behind integrating NFC tags with products for authentication and, indirectly, marketing has been building slowly. While it's unlikely that we will see NFC tags being integrated into FMCG goods any time soon, this step indicates the potential for use with higher value goods such as wine and olive oil.