Spanish Winemaker Adds 126,000 NFC Tags


Leading Spanish winemaker Barbadillo has added NFC tags to 126,000 bottles of Spain’s best selling white wine.

In one of the largest marketing deployments of NFC tags to date, the Castillo de San Diego bottles will have integrated smart labels supplied with the help of Thinfilm.

The plan is that, when tapped with an NFC enabled smartphone (which will of course shortly include the updated iPhones), the tags will direct drinkers to a specifically designed web page. Up for grabs are twelve 1,000 euro prizes. Wine drinkers, provided they haven’t had too many bottles already and can still focus, just enter a unique code printer on the wine cork to find out if they won.

The wine bottles are sold throughout supermarkets in Spain and according to Barbadillo, some prizes have already been claimed.

Interactive Brand Building

Barbadillo have named the campaign ‘Dando en el Blanco’ which, for those who don’t speak Spanish, roughly means ‘Hitting the Target’. (Worth mentioning that although NFC.Today has a good relationship with a number of Spanish wines, actually speaking the language isn’t one of our strengths. We apologise for any errors in translation..).

Not surprisingly at the moment, Barbadillo have teamed up with Thinfilm who seem to be one of the only companies making much headway in this area at the moment. Thin Film is a publicly listed company in Norway with offices throughout the world. They describe themselves as the ‘global leader in NFC mobile marketing and smart-packaging solutions’. In reality, while the general idea of adding NFC tags to physical products seems fairly straightforward, it’s not all that easy. The ability to integrate tags into specialist labels and then make sure they aren’t damaged during application can be a complex process. Creating what happens after the tap – the landing page and game – is likely to be a hotly contested market. NFC.Today expect quite a few ‘marketing’ type companies to enter that space quite quickly. However, where Thin Film appear to be making some serious ground is the knowledge of how to get to that stage. How to integrate NFC into and onto the products. One to watch.

NFC Novelty

With Apple in the process of allowing the iPhone to read NFC tags, there’s likely to be a number of larger scale campaigns in the next year or so. It’s the power of the ‘NFC experience’ for brands to create excitement not just from the promotion itself but from the action of interacting with the product. For the next year or so, the combination of NFC enabled campaigns backed up with some social media buzz will create some interesting marketing. Perhaps what’s surprising here is that a company which started producing wine the best part of 200 years ago is at the forefront.

“Given the success Barbadillo experienced in using OpenSense tags with Versos 1891, we were eager to explore other ways to deploy the technology,” said Alvaro Al├ęs, Director of Marketing & Communication for Barbadillo. “As a family-owned winery, connecting directly with consumers has always been important to us. Thinfilm’s NFC solution gives us a proven channel through which to easily and effectively accomplish that.”