Telmediq Adds NFC For Healthcare Task Automation


NFC chip manufacturer NXP have launched two new chips aimed at the making NFC authentication easier.

Telmediq, a provider of healthcare communications tech, has added NFC tags to help with administrative workflows.

The new NFC healthcare tags have been designed to integrate into Telmediq’s Healthcare Communications Hub. The aim is to streamline common day to day tasks such as requesting a patient transfer or restocking water.

Ben Moore, CEO of Telmediq explained, ‘Our patented NFC technology triggers an instantaneous communication workflow with a simple tap, speeding up service requests without the need to return to the workstation.’

Healthcare workflow

The aim of the technology is ultimately to speed up and simplify the administration. NFC tags are pre-populated with messages enabling the healthcare professional to very quickly and accurately request an action.

The healthcare professional such as a nurse or doctor no longer has to consider who to contact for a certain action. The software behind the tag can route the request to the appropriate person.

Device flexibility

Additionally, the technology can work on either hospital provided mobile devices or within a BYOD environment. This means that roll out can be quick and effective resulting in less disruption to existing workflow patterns.