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Valmont Cosmetics Adds Thinfilm's NFC Solution To Beauty Product Packaging

valmont cosmetics nfc

Swiss cosmetics manufacturer Valmont have added Thinfilm's NFC solution to their product packaging. In partnership with CMSmartConnect, Valmont hope to drive customers who tap the tag through to additional brand content.

Thinfilm have been involved in many NFC campaigns recently and their SpeedTap tags are used here again. Thinfilm's tags are each encoded with a unique ID allowing extensive marketing data.

Sophie Guillon, CEO of Valmont Cosmetics commented, "Making our cosmetics packaging interactive gives us a way to ensure proper usage, drive re-orders, and build closer ties with our loyal customers."


CMSmartConnect are a marketing firm based in New York. Their founders Jeremy Cohen and Gary Montalbano are experienced in both cosmetics and packaging. Therefore, they are ideally placed to try and drive NFC and smart packaging into the market. The technology is designed to allow tracking and monitoring of activity. Additionally, the plan is to encourage user interaction, build brand integrity and loyalty and then ultimately to drive future sales.

We are privileged to help Valmont Cosmetics create powerful content and manage the product integration for this innovative market initiative. They have a unique story that we're confident customers will embrace, and NFC technology will play an important role," said Jeremy Cohen, Co-Founder of CMSmartconnect. "Thinfilm's NFC tags were very easy to integrate into Valmont's packaging and we're looking forward to measuring the results of the market trial."

Tap Here

The plan is to include the tags in each package of Valmont's anti-aging product line. Each package will be printed with a specific call to action marked 'tap here to discover more' along with a graphic. The graphic is part of the CMSmartConnect system and it's a good little icon. However, nobody will have ever seen it before and will have no idea what it means.

valmont nfc iconIn fact, unfortunately, it's not a great example of how to to do NFC packaging. It's highly likely that people will tap that icon with their finger rather than a phone. Not least of which, people who do tap with their finger are going to be very confused.

Strangely, to make matters worse, the english instructions within the packaging still fail to mention that people should use a mobile phone (although the French version appears to).

Until NFC marketing campaigns are widespread then keep to the simple rules :

1. Use the letters NFC near the log
2. Use short text that explains they need to use a phone or better still, show an image of a mobile phone.
3. Try and use the phrase 'NFC enabled smartphone' or at least 'NFC enabled phone'

In addition, it's important to understand the target market in relation to the instructions. The less tech-savvy the end user is likely to be, the better the instructions, logo, iconography need to be to bridge the gap.

The Importance Of The Call To Action

NFC campaigns will be judged on performance just like any other marketing or promotional campaign. NFC.Today have written before about the wow factor associated with the first NFC campaigns but in the medium term, it will be about interaction and response.

Many users can scan the tags and will be very happy if they do. However, they need to be led to this and the performance of these first campaigns may have a major impact on the long term viability of NFC as a marketing mechanism.