DS Automobiles drives a 300% increase in response using NFC

DS Automobiles NFC. Image : tapp

DS Automobiles, working with Tapp in the Netherlands, have created a smart brochure with integrated NFC.

Using a 25mm NTAG210u NFC tag encoded with a shortened URL, Tapp fully integrated the NFC tag into the brochure by laminating the tag between layers.

Tapp are a specialist Internet of Things company which develops smart packaging and marketing products. Niels Postma, CEO of Tapp commented, “The usual response to a mailing of this kind is somewhere between 1-2%, we’ve got a 6% conversion rate, just with the NFC chip. Readers were able to get a test-drive on demand: the DS 7 Crossback was brought to your location, wherever that was.”

Niels also commented that part of the challenge with using the NFC tags was making sure that people knew what to do. Detailed instructions were included to help people to understand how to interact.

More information and video available on Tapp’s LinkedIn page.