Havana Club NFC enabled drinks glasses allow quick orders

Havana Club NFC connected glass. Image : Pernod Ricard

Pernod Ricard, the makers of Havana Club, have partnered with start-up BlackSheep to launch an NFC enabled drinks glass. The glass, with an embedded NFC tag will allow consumers to quickly and easily re-order drinks via their mobile.

Launched in July at the Plaza Havana Club in Paris, the glass connects via a consumers phone to transmit an order to the bar. The logic is that one in three customers give up a purchase if they have to wait more than ten minutes. The glass/NFC/app combination makes the ordering process quicker as the consumer will either get the drinks served or get notified when the drinks are ready so they do not have to wait at the bar.

Additionally, the glass can be used at home. A scan of the NFC tag will provide cocktail making advice and ideas.

Pierre-Yves Calloc’h, Global Digital Acceleration Director, commented, “I am proud to be able to launch this project which aims to create new habits among consumers to bring cocktails to their homes. In addition to the development possibilities that the connected glass offers, it perfectly meets the Group’s digital policy, partnering with start-ups that offer innovative solutions to given problems in order to constantly improve the experience of conviviality.”

This isn’t the first NFC enabled project that Pernod Ricard have undertaken having also run NFC campaigns for their Malibu rum brand.