L’Oréal launches wearable NFC enabled sun safety sensor for iPhone users


L’Oréal have launched a sun safety wearable NFC enabled device under their La Roche-Posay brand. The My Skin Track UV device is a battery-free electronic device designed to measure UV exposure. It’s available now at apple.com and select U.S. Apple Store locations.

Image : Apple/Loreal

The device follows on from L’Oréal’s previous ‘My UV Patch’ which released back in 2016 and their early UV sense items early this year. It’s interesting to note that the first devices were released before the iPhone could scan NFC tags. However, this current device is released to iPhone users.

The My Skin Track UV measures both UVA and UVB rays for up to three months and provides instant status updates. When scanned, the data links into Apple’s HealthKit and can provide additional data regarding humidity, pollen, and pollution levels.

Android to Apple

Now that Apple have allowed NFC tag scanning from the iPhone, it’s likely that Apple will increasingly look for ways that NFC can be integrated into their ecosystem. This tracking device, which originally would only have worked on Android, now seems to have migrated towards Apple. This may be partly due to target markets (and a 60 USD retail price) but it may also be linked to Apple looking for ways to maximise NFC usage. We would expect this to be just the start.