Outdoor brand Mammut adds NFC to clothing to build user experience

Mammut NFC Connect

Swiss outdoor company Mammut has started adding NFC tags to products to allow it’s customers to interact. Using Smartrac’s Flex NFC tag – a more durable version of their popular Circus NFC tag using NXP’s NTAG213 chip.

With the tags embedded directly into clothing and other items, users can use Mammut’s Connect App (available on both Android and iPhone) to scan. The full featured App provides exclusive content and inspiration for next adventures. In addition, it gives users the chance to extend their product guarantee to five years. An important addition to encourage users to scan and interact.

“Customers are digital, mobile and social. They communicate with brands, actively contribute and give feedback with much more concrete demands than just a few years ago. This is why Mammut is building an ecosystem. With Mammut Connect – a broad portfolio of real customer added value – we are creating an innovative platform and underlining our ambition to become digital leader in the outdoor sector,” said Oliver Pabst, CEO Mammut Sports Group AG.

Christian Uhl, CEO at Smartrac, added “Mammut is a genuine premium brand that places premium demands on its partners and suppliers in general, and on its digitization partner in particular. We are very honored to be selected by Mammut and at the same time proud that we were able to meet their demands with our market-leading products and solutions expertise.”

Interestingly, Mammut are also mentioning that the by scanning the tags with the App, ‘product authenticity is verified automatically’. The embedded tags are using the NTAG213 chip rather than the more advanced NTAG413 or NTAG424 DNA NFC authentication tags. Essentially, certainly with the iPhone, authentication is based on the presence of the tag rather than any potential risk that the tag has been copied. On Android, there may be additional features which will test the authenticity of the tag.

There has been a lot of discussion recently about the power of NFC authentication tags and how important these types of tags are. In reality, right now, partly because of the availability and current cost of the higher end authentication tags, many companies are taking exactly the same approach. The presence of a uniquely encoded ‘normal’ NFC tag can provide a substantial level of protection on it’s own without the additional strength of a fully featured authentication tag.