PengWine adds NFC to wine bottles


Chilean winemaker PengWine has added Thingfilm’s NFC tags to it’s wine bottles. A new ‘smart’ neck collar will be added which will allow consumers to interact with the brand. Hopefully they’ll try this before they finish off the bottle. Additionally, PengWine aims to produce smart drinks coasters with offers to win prizes and interactive displays as wine events to get people involved.

Thinfilm have fitted NFC tags to wine before so they have some experience. Their recent work with Spanish winemaker Barbadillo saw them add 126,000 NFC tags added to wine bottles.

“Growing the PengWine brand worldwide is all about connecting with consumers, and we’re looking to technology to help establish and nurture those relationships,” said Chris Milliken, Cofounder and CEO of PengWine. “Thinfilm’s NFC solution enables our customers and partners to connect directly with us through their smartphones. We feel that these unique mobile interactions will play a substantial role in the loyalty of our consumers and the success of our business moving forward.”

“PengWine understands the importance of customer relationships,” said Davor Sutija, CEO of Thinfilm. “We are pleased that they chose Thinfilm’s NFC solution to help grow their business as an innovative and forward-looking winery.”

The Chilean winemaker, named after the local penguins, was founded in 2004. The winery produces 8,000 cases of wine per year and sells mainly across Singapore and Southeast Asia.