Popular iPhone App Launch Center Pro adds NFC support


Launch Center Pro, Contrast’s popular launcher App for the iPhone has just received a substantial update to version 3.0 and now includes NFC tag support. The original Launch Center App was released back in 2012 with version 2.0 following in 2013. The new update makes use of the addition of NFC within the latest iPhones.

Using NFC Tags

The key benefit of using NFC tags with Launch Center Pro is the creation of the link between a physical object or location and a digital task. Tags placed in useful locations such as in the car, next to the bed or fridge can be used as a reminder to trigger certain actions on the phone.

Launch Center Pro using NFC Tags

Some of the use cases highlighted by the developers included :

  1. Car: place a sticker on your phone mount to trigger a shortcut that pulls up directions to the next calendar event and starts playing a podcast in Castro.
  2. Bedside: place a sticker on your nightstand to trigger a shortcut showing a list of alarms making it easy to set an alarm for the next day.
  3. Medication: place a sticker on your medication box to trigger a scan for prescription refills when needed.
  4. Car: place a sticker in your car to trigger a shortcut that sends current location and ETA to a loved one.
  5. Refrigerator: place a sticker inside your refrigerator to trigger a shortcut that loads a shared shopping list through reminders making it easy add new items as needed.
  6. HomeKit: place stickers at strategic places around the house to trigger shortcuts that manipulate HomeKit scenes/accessories.
  7. Writing Desk: place a sticker on your writing desk to remind you to write and trigger a shortcut to start that process.

NFC tags for the App can be purchased online at https://shop.contrast.co or through the App.

Launch Center Pro 3.0 is available for free but additional features are on a subscription at $9.99 per year or a one time payment of $29.99. In addition to the new NFC features, the App has numerous other updates including being able to assign multiple schedules to a single action and the ability to turn actions into Siri shortcuts to be voice triggered.