Thinfilm adds NFC Blockchain service

NFC Blockchain

Thinfilm have added a blockchain powered service to their CNECT™ cloud platform. The new Etherium powered option is designed to bring the traceability and transparency of blockchain tech to NFC.

NFC SpeedTap tags issued through Thinfilm’s CNECT platform will be linked to a blockchain which aims to provide a permanent and unchangeable digital history. It’s likely that a wide range of industries could benefit from this technology including food and drink, pharmaceuticals, health & beauty, and industrial products.

In particular, blockchain has been widely recognized as a powerful way to ensure accountable and traceable ‘farm to fork’ supply chain control of food products. The combination and ease of use of NFC combined with the power of blockchain is likely to make a powerful proposition. In combination with cloud based digital marketing, Thinfilm hope to provide a fully integrated solution.

“By combining blockchain with NFC, Thinfilm is extending the capabilities of the CNECT Cloud Platform. As NFC allows brands to communicate directly with consumers following a simple tap, blockchain integration ensures trust and transparency that can lead to stronger supply chains and more satisfied customers,” said Christian Delay, EVP Software for Thinfilm. “By integrating blockchain services into the CNECT Cloud Platform, Thinfilm is continuing its mission of enabling the Internet of Everything for enterprises and consumers.”

The services are available now and Thinfilm expect market deployment later in 2018.