Thinfilm launch CNECT™ Cloud Platform 2.0

Thinfilm CNECT2.0 Interface

Thinfilm have launched the latest version of their CNECT Cloud Platform. Designed as an end-to-end software solution for building NFC enabled marketing campaigns.

Following Thinfilm’s recent announcement of their collaboration with Adobe Analytics Cloud, the new platform aims to provide expanded analytics amongst other improvements.

As more and more brands start to experiment with creating smart packaging, NFC tag management software such as CNECT will become more important. Thinfilm’s tag management offering is targeted at marketers wanting an complete solution. From the ability to design the mobile experience, to the management of large quantities of tags and then access to realtime analytics data.

In reality, most marketing companies and brands are at an early experimental stage with smart packaging. A complete, off the shelf solution such as Thinfilm’s new CNECT Cloud Platform 2.0 should make taking those first steps easier.