WayAround vision loss app launches on Android

WayAround NFC Vision Loss System. Image : WayAround

WayAround, a specialist app for visually impaired people has added to it’s iPhone app with a new Android app. The system uses NFC tags which can be attached to objects and assigned an audio description.

The custom designed tags are available in a variety of formats so they can be attached to different items. The speech can then be recorded specifically for each tag. A tap on the tag with the smart phone plays back the speech.

Speaking about the launch of the new Android App, Darwin Belt, co-founder and manager of WayAround commented, “WayAround is built on the principles of inclusive design, so the app works intuitively for anyone with any degree of vision loss, now on their preferred mobile platform.”

WayAround launched a beta program for its Android app at the national conferences for the American Council of the Blind and the National Federation of the Blind, earlier this year. After a brief testing period, WayAround for Android is now available for free on Google Play.

The streamlined App interface is optimised to work with many features in the Android Accessibility Suite, including the TalkBack screen reader and Select to Speak. Identifying different, similar, objects can be a real challenge for visually impaired people. Using the App, users can add a description of any item as well as other details like laundering instructions, allergens and best-before dates.

NFC.Today consider this to be potentially a great use of NFC tags and just the kind of project where the technology excels. NFC tags used as identifiers and near field means less chance of accidentally scanning the wrong item.