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Samsung Galaxy S6 NFC

Last Edited 11 December 2017 by NFC.Today

Does the Samsung Galaxy S6 have NFC ?

Yes. This phone normally has NFC functionality available for scanning NFC tags.

Can the Galaxy S6 scan NFC Tags ?


The performance of mobile phones with regards tag scanning varies considerably. In fact, it can vary across models and one phone from Samsung can perform quite differently from another phone in the Samsung range. The design and size of the tag antenna and the compatibility of this matched with the antenna within the phone can affect performance and distance considerably. Generally, the NTAG21x series chips perform better than the others in terms of scan distance but as with all things technical, test your Galaxy S6 against different tags before going to production.

NFC Tags For The Samsung Galaxy S6

The table below illustrates the available NFC tags and their compatibility with your phone. As phone specifications can change without notice and also vary from region to region, we strongly advise testing tags before any purchase.

NFC Chip Compatible Format Required2
Topaz 512YesNo
MIFARE Ultralight® EV1YesMaybe
MIFARE Ultralight®YesNo
MIFARE Classic®Maybe-
ICODE SLIXNot tested-

How Much Memory ?

Depending on what information you need to store on your NFC tags, you will have different memory requirements. NFC Tags have a very limited memory so getting a tag that will store everything you need is important. NFC.Today have put together some information on how much memory you will need in your NFC Tag.

NDEF Formatting

Some NFC chips are supplied without NDEF encoding which can affect some mobile phones ability to scan blank tags. Certain phone/tag combinations require tags to be formatted.

Ultralight EV1 Compatibility

This is a complex formatting issue which affects some phones ability to scan MIFARE Ultralight EV1 chips but not Ultralight chips. In this case, we can either NDEF format the chips or make Ultralight EV1 chips look like the older generation Ultralight chips. It varies depending on the phone rather than the operating system. If we state 'maybe', we would advise testing first.