Apple iPhone 8 NFC

Does the Apple iPhone 8 have NFC ?

Yes. This phone normally has NFC functionality available for scanning NFC tags.

Can the iPhone 8 scan NFC Tags ?


The Apple iPhone 8 does contain an NFC controller and NFC antenna which means it does have 'NFC functionality' and is NFC enabled. However, the phone can only be used to read NFC tags and cannot write. The Apple iPhone 8 needs to be running at least iOS 11 and, at the time or writing, also needs an NFC app to be installed. Unlike QR Codes, there is currently no native support within the iPhone 8 to scan NFC tags.

It is not known at the moment whether the iPhone will be allowed to write to NFC tags or it will remain as a read-only device. There's no question that because it's App only and read only, that Apple are taking it step by step. NFC.Today would not expect any change to the current situation until at at least late 2018.

NFC Tags For The Apple iPhone 8

As NFC support for the iPhone is new and hasn't been extensively tested, NFC.Today suggest testing tags with specific phones before rolling out any campaign. A number of minor bugs have been found over time with certain tags on Android and it's quite possible that similar situations will arise with the new iPhone. Tread carefully.

The table below illustrates the available NFC tags and their compatibility with your phone. As phone specifications can change without notice and also vary from region to region, we strongly advise testing tags before any purchase.

NFC Chip Compatible Format Required2
Topaz 512YesNo
MIFARE Ultralight® EV1YesMaybe
MIFARE Ultralight®YesNo
MIFARE Classic®Maybe-
ICODE SLIXNot tested-

NDEF Formatting

Some NFC chips are supplied without NDEF encoding which can affect some mobile phones ability to scan blank tags. Certain phone/tag combinations require tags to be formatted.

Ultralight EV1 Compatibility

This is a complex formatting issue which affects some phones ability to scan MIFARE Ultralight EV1 chips but not Ultralight chips. In this case, we can either NDEF format the chips or make Ultralight EV1 chips look like the older generation Ultralight chips. It varies depending on the phone rather than the operating system. If we state 'maybe', we would advise testing first.