2. Bluetooth Pairing With NFC

Using NFC to pair bluetooth devices. Image : mmoonhirun / 123RF

We accept that in many cases with Bluetooth pairing the ‘tag’ is more likely to be an electronic circuit board than a typical NFC sticker, but we’ll include on the list because it acts like an NFC tag and you could use a simple NFC for Bluetooth pairing.

So how does Bluetooth Pairing works

An NFC tag (or circuit board pretending to be a tag) is contained inside the electronic product. At the moment, that’s likely to be a pair of headphones, a wireless printer or a camera. A user can scan the tag with their phone and the NFC tag passes the Bluetooth address instantly, initiating the connection. Technically, this is called a handover process because the NFC is simply acting as a simple way of allowing a Bluetooth connection between the phone and the target device.

Why Bluetooth Pairing makes the top 10

Of course, this isn’t new at all. NFC pairing has been available for many years on many devices. However, in the past, the only phones can actually use the tech were Android, Windows and Blackberries. In the last year, Apple has gradually enabled NFC tag reading on the iPhone which in turn has allowed Bluetooth pairing. Which means that, while it only works on the latest phones, there’s nothing to stop manufacturers putting NFC tags into their products to allow quick and easy Bluetooth pairing. In fact, you can now even find a little NFC logo in your Cadillac.

Cadillac NFC Pairing. Image : GM

Aren’t Bluetooth and NFC competitive technologies ?

No. NFC is an object level connection technology and Bluetooth is an area level connection technology. NFC is designed as a temporary data transfer method where Bluetooth is designed as a permanent data transfer method. Their use cases are quite different and it’s exactly the reason why they work so well together for Bluetooth Pairing. You know exactly which object you are trying to connect to because you’ll be right next to it to scan the NFC Tag.

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