6. Marketing

NFC Window Sticker. Image : Seritag

Where can you start ? The number of projects that have already been undertaken is a drop in the ocean compared to what’s ahead. Particularly as the new iPhones with their background NFC tag scanning¬†gradually enter the market.

Clearly, using NFC tags in marketing is powerful and benefits are obvious – direct user connection. However, careful consideration needs to be made as to the use and method to get the best results. Most of the best NFC campaigns work well for two reasons. Firstly, dwell time. In essence, is someone going to be there long enough to get the phone out and start scanning tags. Second, proximity. Will the person be close enough and private enough to want to or be able to scan the tags.

We’ll have a look at a few options here and try and consider where things are going.

Smart posters

Smart posters have been a bit of a catch-word in the NFC industry but here at NFC.Today we aren’t afraid to make a call. And we think they are a waste of time. That’s because the vast majority of people don’t want to look silly by standing in front of an advert waving their mobile phone. We’ll say it again, to get an NFC marketing campaign to work, you got to be close to the consumer.

Beer/drinks mats / Table tags

As the complete opposite to smart posters, you have the two things that make an NFC campaign work. You have dwell time because users are standing/sitting drinking and you have proximity to the user at a time when they might have their phone in their hand.

Shelf labels

Shelf labels are a great idea for store promotion. In store NFC advertising can be broken into three sections – store level, aisle level and product level. At the store level, you have smart posters and you will have read what we think about them – bin them. Then you have aisle level or shelf labels. These are great. The consumer is close, it’s a relatively private situation so the user isn’t go to be embarrassed using the phone to scan the tag and it’s a lot cheaper putting one tag on a shelf than thousands on the products. From a store angle, it can be used to tell the user more information – perhaps a menu suggestion in a food store. From a brand angle, it’s a chance to persuade the user why they should choose your brand over another. Brilliant.

Product integration

Let’s be clear. NFC.Today consider this to be the biggest growth area for NFC tags bar none. Everything from electronic goods, to garments and accessories, to food and drink and even cars can have integrated NFC tags allowing interaction. Where we won’t see much traction in product integration is FMCG (Fast moving consumer goods). That’s stuff like cans of beans and bottles of cleaning powder. Tags are still too expensive to supply and to attach to make it worth it. But on higher end food and drink such as wine or spirits, it’s already happening.

And there’s two angles. First is promotion which crosses with Product Information. The second, which will start to come in during 2019 but is one for next year’s top ten, is authentication. We will start to see tags in fashion items and luxury goods along the lines of Nike’s sports shirts and shoes, but with a focus on information rather than authentication. Authentication will be here and there in 2019, but it’s a longer term development.



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