1. Object Identification

Using NFC for Object Identification. Image : Seritag

With object identification, NFC tags are used on items that may not immediately or easily be identified from other similar objects.

An example might be estate agents using NFC tags to identify keys or an IT data centre technician using NFC tags to identify cable routing. Many of these functions will have been previously undertaken with written tags. The difference is that the NFC tags can connect to the cloud to allow connected data such as when the keys were last used and who took them. Or, in the example of cable routing, the last time it was checked.

There’s three simple reasons why NFC works better than other solutions. Firstly, the near field contactless technology allows a more precise object identification than RFID without the visual alignment requirements that come with QR Codes. Secondly, because scanning is realtime and data on the object accessed via the internet is immediate and extensive, the ability to track and trace is faster and simpler. Thirdly, the accuracy of using a microchip label is significantly higher than using written codes.

The quantity of projects, applications and tags being used within object identification is increasing quickly and we think 2019 will become a breakthrough year.

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