7. Product Located Consumable Re-ordering Tags : PLCR or ‘Splicker’ Tags

Using NFC at tradeshows. Image : rclassenlayouts / 123RF

PLCR or Splicker (a play on the acronym PLCR and sticker) tags are labels applied to, or integrated in, products that enable quick re-ordering of supplies. For example, an NFC tag might be attached to a washing machine to allow one scan re-ordering of washing powder. Or a tag might be attached to an printer so that inkjet cartridges can be quickly re-ordered with a simple scan.

Other Options

Splickers aren’t new. Amazon have their own DASH format which is connected to Amazon’s Dash Replenishment Service. The tags are connected to a users phone via Bluetooth to allow the push-button based device to work. At the time of writing, the tags cost £4.99 but came with the same amount of credit on the first order.

An Ariel Splicker attached to a washing machine. Image : Amazon

Why NFC Tags ?

Clearly, this concept could use other technologies including QR codes or Bluetooth like Amazon’s DASH.

However, adding an NFC tag into a product with a small icon outside is more attractive than sticking an ugly QR code onto the front. Even if the label is attached to the outside, it’s a more attractive branding and identity proposition than a QR Code and in many cases the tags can be smaller. More importantly, as regular readers of NFC.Today will know, when it comes to consumer experience, NFC beats QR codes hands down. It’s magic and now that the new iPhones have joined Android with background tag scanning, all that’s needed is a simple wave of the phone.

Why Splickers make the top 10

NFC.Today think that the use of PLCR tags or ‘splicker’ tags has been held back by the lack of iPhone support. There’s also the issue that not many people order consumables only by themselves. However, we think that might change. How many times has your printer been low on ink and it’s taken more time that you want to find out which cartridge to buy and then set about buying it. A simple ‘scan’ to get the product you need is going to make things easier.

NFC.Today think that 2019 could well be the year that Splickers start to make their impact and you start seeing them (or start being able to buy them) for your products.

What does PLCR stand for ?

Product Located Consumable Re-ordering. An NFC Tag or indeed any other device that is directly attached to a product for the purpose of re-ordering consumable items.


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