9. Product Authentication

NFC Product Authentication. Image : saquizeta / 123RF

As regular readers of NFC.Today will know. We are huge fans of using NFC for authentication to point where we are prepared to say that it’s the number one reason to choose NFC tags over any other similar tech. It’s, as they say, the killer app.

A reader in everyone’s hand

One of the reasons is that because almost all mobile phones can now be used to scan NFC tags, they can also be used to check an items authenticity. No special hardware.

A massive and growing counterfeit market

The counterfeit market is, by most measures, becoming a trillion dollar industry and it’s everywhere. Pharmaceuticals, clothing, consumer tech and even aircraft parts. It’s not so much that it’s eating into brands profits which is how we often think of it. It’s that it’s also now presenting a danger to life. NFC tags aren’t going to solve this problem – they aren’t some silver bullet. But they can protect genuine brands and genuine products and provide the consumer and businesses with a level of confidence that what they have in their hand is what they expect it to be.

Long term growth

However, we also think that while authentication deserves a mention on the top ten, it’s a long term growth item. It will be held back in 2019 for two reasons – cost of the tags and supply.


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