3. Product Information

NFC Product Information. Image : wavebreakmediamicro / 123RF

We could write a book on the number of different ways NFC tags can be used for product identification but needless to say, it’s right up there in the top ten.

To be clear on the definition, NFC.Today divide the use of NFC tags within products into three sections – product identification, production information and product authentication. While it’s quite possible for an NFC tag to do all three at the same time, each serves a unique function. Product identification is about identifying a specific, perhaps unique, object which might look very similar or identical to something else. Product information is about allowing access to information about a product which might be shared across others.

NFC product information examples

NFC tags embedded into the label of a garment can provide washing or other care instructions. Additionally, it can give information on the source of the fabrics, where the garment was made and perhaps even who made it. It could also contain information allowing the user to re-order the same garment or find similar or accompanying garments.

An NFC tag on a microwave could provide the latest user information or recipe ideas. It could allow the download of a user manual or videos to show how to use advanced features.

Why NFC tags work for product information

It’s about user experience, ease of tag integration and importantly the transfer of useful information. A garment label can only contain so much information. By making that garment label ‘smart’, there’s an ability to provide not just more information but constantly changing and up to date information.


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