8. Supply Chain Management

NFC Supply Chain Management. Image : Bench Accounting / Unsplash

RFID tags have long been used in the supply chain. RFID tags have a longer scan distance and many can be read together in large quantities. This makes the technology superb if you have a large warehouse and need to scan box contents quickly and easily.

NFC is near field. That means that you need to be within at most an arms length and usually touching distance of the tag. In many ways, that makes NFC unsuitable for supply chain but it’s also it’s great benefit.

Supply chain authentication

In many cases, the growth of NFC in supply chain management will be closely linked to the adoption of the latest generation of authentication tags. This is because in most cases it’s about using NFC to check individual products along the supply chain to ensure supply chain integrity. NFC tags inserted into individual items at the factory can be checked all along the supply chain to the final destination to ensure authenticity.

No specialist hardware

The reason that NFC tags are so powerful in this use case is that no specialist hardware is required to scan the tags. Anyone with a mobile phone can now scan NFC tags at any point and pull any associated data. In combination with the new authenticity tags, this provides a very cost-effective and flexible way of ensuring supply chain integrity. Even without using the new authentication NFC tags, it can achieve a level of identification that cannot be matched by QR codes or other similar widely available technologies.

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